Kitesurfers jump over the Worthing Pier in England

November 17, 2009 | Kiteboarding
Kitesurfers jump over the Worthing pier

Two kiteboarders from West Sussex jumped over the Worthing Pier in the United Kingdom.

In the last three years, Lewis Crathern and Jake Scrace have been studying the possibility of successfully getting over the obstacle.

This time, there were no more plans and delays. The intrepid riders prepared for the moment and flew over the rocky pier.

With winds hitting 40 miles per hour, they traveled from Goring to West Worthing to try a fantastic yet dangerous move.

Scrace, a carpenter and kiteboard shaper, described the moment as "terrifying."

Crathern is a professional kiteboarder with lots of experience.

Please don't try this at your local kite spot, as you'll put your life in danger.

The kite stunt was performed in special weather conditions and with proper training.

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