Kitesurfing at 100.19 km/h to beat l'Hydroptère

October 15, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Alex Caizergues: bye bye boat

The fastest sailor on Earth. Alex Caizergues has done it again.

The French kitesurfer believed it was possible to beat l'Hydroptère, the super boat, and the dream happened at 100.19 km/h, which means 54.10 knots. Luderitz, in Namibia, becomes a blessed town for all water sports enthusiasts and sailors.

At the same time, Alain Thébault and the whole Hidroptère team have already congratulated Alex for his performance. But, in the official site of l'Hydroptère, they point out one specific question.

"l'Hydroptère remains the holder of the absolute sailing record on one nautical mile at 51.17 knots. This performance on one nautical mile and in the open sea (1.5 meters high waves at the end of the run) was in line with the new direction of the team: Offshore sailing", says the official press release.

The heat is on and one thing is clear: kitesurfers have now passed the psychological boundary of 100 km/h. Now, will we have a revenge? And Antoine Albeau, what does he have to say?

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