Kitesurfing scheduled for the 2008 Gorge Games

May 21, 2008 | Kiteboarding

The Gorge Games 2008 will be held from Cascade Locks to The Dalles – on both the Washington and Oregon sides of the Columbia River July - between the 17th and the 20th of July. Kiteboarding is one of major attractions of the event.

The Columbia River Gorge is a Mecca for Kiteboarding. Kiteboarding is a unique sport that draws influences from wakeboarding, skateboarding, snow boarding, and surfing with the added dimension of flight – catching air. While piloting a large kite, riders plane across the surface of the water and are able to perform various tricks, jumps and maneuvers.

Flowing from east to west through the majestic Cascade Mountain Range, the Columbia River creates a sea level passageway that connects the desert to the sea. As the hot desert air heats up, the cool moist air of the Pacific rushes through the steep canyon walls of the Gorge to create some of the most spectacular kiteboarding conditions anywhere in the world.

With its reliable thermal winds, spectacular terrain, and variety of conditions, the Columbia River Gorge is a popular kiteboarding destination for professional and recreational kiteboarders alike. Typically winds are 20-35 knots and water conditions range from breaking river swell, to chop and flat water. River temperatures in July are in the mid-60s and air temperatures can range from 70’s to 90’s.

Location: All Kiteboarding events will be held at the Hood River Event Site on the Port of Hood River property in Hood River, Oregon.

Freestyle: The Freestyle discipline will showcase the highest level of freestyle kiteboarding and emphasis will be on power and wakeboard-style maneuvers. Divisions: Pro Men, Pro Women and Outlaw Men, Outlaw Women

Big: The Big Air discipline will showcase riders doing various maneuvers as high in the air as possible including board-offs, kite loops and aerial handlepasses. Judges will score 70% on height and 30% on technical difficulty. Divisions: Pro Men, Pro Women and Outlaw Men, Outlaw Women

Course Racing: Course Racing is a long track race where riders must navigate around a series of upwind, crosswind and downwind marks. First rider to complete 2 laps around the course and cross the finish line wins. Divisions: Pro Men, Pro Women and Outlaw Men, Outlaw Women

Skills and Details

Who Can Compete: PRO Level men and women riders with prior high-level amateur or professional competition experience. Outlaw division is for amateurs or aspiring pros.

Judging: Freestyle and Big Air judging criteria will be based on PKRA World Cup judging criteria. Course Racing will follow US Sailing Rules and Guidelines. There are five judges, including past pros, professional judges and kiteboarding industry members.

Time: All divisions will be held simultaneously.

Location: All Kiteboarding events will be held at the Hood River Event Site at the Port of Hood River.

All participants will receive a Gorge Games technical tee shirt, athlete’s appreciation bag, athlete’s pass to Adventure Village , Athletes Village , all Gorge Games sporting venues and all Community events. Not to mention an experience you’ll always remember!

Source: Gorge Games

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