KPWT Jamaica cancelled due to poor event conditions

April 5, 2010 | Kiteboarding

KPWT Jamaica: poor event conditions and only 15 riders showed up

Day three at Long Bay Beach and unfortunately due to the circumstances detailed below, the event in Jamaica has been cancelled.

This is a huge disappointment for the KPWT, its riders and the all the media involved who have made the trip to the Caribbean. The local organization was not equipped to handle an event of this stature and nothing was done as pre-scheduled.

Jamrock Tours (Eugene Smith) has shown utter disregard and commitment to the KPWT and its riders. KPWT had to make a decision fast as to safety and security for the riders and made the decision to leave Jamaica on account of poor delivery on what was originally on offer.

Nothing had been completed. There was no permit on the beach, the opening ceremony was a desaster, music festival cancelled, on the 24th serious incident, road closed, no safety boats, no lycras, incomplete media offices, half finished judge towers, an accident on the event site involving a local worker, no buoys and unsettled accounts across the island with no money to speak of.

This is a catastrophe and KPWT will not take the risk to even attempt to continue under these ridiculous conditions. This is a sad day for the sport of kiteboarding, for Jamaica and for all those involved at the event.

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