KPWT kiteboarders open the 2010 season in Jamaica

March 14, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Long Bay: KPWT kiteboarders kick off in sunny Jamaica

32 Top Professional World Kiteboarders including the 2009 World Wave Pro Champion - Jan Macros Riveras out of the Dominican Republic are all set to dominate and lay claims to the 2010 Pro World Kiteboarding Title in the first leg of the 2010 Kiteboarding Pro World Cup Tournament to be held at World famous Long Bay Surfing Beach in East Portland, Jamaica - March 25-April 2.

The 10 day Jamaica Kiteboarding Tournament (JKT) will be keenly contested by the top male and female pro world kiteboarders from Spain, Brazil, Norway, France, Italy, UK, USA and Mexico, who will be rippling the waves and doing battle in one or more of the 6 disciplines - wave master and junior, freestyle, and course racing amoung others scheduled to be contested-.

Riveras will be expecting stiff competition from UK ’s competitor – Will Bennett – 2007 Wave Master, Oteniel Monteiro – 2008 KPWT Wave World Champion and who will be looking to regain the Wave World Crown from Riveras, Brazilian’s Gustavo Forester, 3rd in 2009 and Antonie Auriol competing for France .

International rivalry and battle of supremacy will also reign supreme on the ladies side, as the 2009 KPWT overall Ladies World Champion – Kari Schibevaag representing Norway will be starving of competition from the 2008/2009 KPWT Waves Master champion Kriste Jones competing for Wales and Poland’s 2008 KPWT World Champion- Auria Grezlinska. Competitors will be going all out to secure their share of the 40, 000 euro prize money.

Spectators will be treated to a world class display of Back Mobe, Wave Riding, Kite Loops, F16 and Whack stunts.

The tournament expects to bring between 500-1000 visitors to the island and is expected to attract a wide array of international media coverage namely Sky Sports, Nova Sports, Sports TV, Fox Television, and Sailing Channel which in turn will expose Jamaica by extension Portland to millions in TV land.

The Kiteboarding Pro World Tour will also host competitions in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, France, Turkey, and Greece.

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