Kristoffer Evensen wins first ever Norway Downwinder

May 5, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Solastrand, Norway: cold as hell

Rough conditions at the first Downwidner in Norway. With 10 degrees in the air and 25 knots of north winds on May 1st, a group of hard-core kiters left the beach at Solastrand, outside of the city of Stavanger (West Coast of Norway).

Ahead was a 11 km downwind course out in the North Sea. Included were also two checkpoints where the riders could collect bonus points. It was a race for the toughest.

Kristoffer Evensen and Jarle Heatland finished at the same time, but Kristoffer had stopped at the checkpoint at Sele and claimed victory.

After all the hard work there was a BBQ for all on the beach!
The down winder is a collaboration between the Norwegian NKB importer and the local kite club, Stavanger Kiteklubb.


1. Kristoffer Evensen
2. Jarle Hetland
3. Espen Svendsen