KSP World Tour needs financial help to crown season champions

September 5, 2013 | Kiteboarding
KSP World Tour: no money, no waves

The Kite Surf Pro (KSP) World Tour is asking for financial support from kiteboarding fans, in order to kick off and conclude the current season.

Things have not been easy for the official wave kitesurfing world tour. The 2013 season has started with two events being cancelled due to the global financial crisis - Portugal and Spain.

"However, we are not just giving up. We have 30 world-class male and female riders desperate to compete, and while everything is already in place, some funds are still missing to make the next two events of the season happen", explains the organization.

The KSP World Tour says that local government support, and two kite brands have stepped up to support one event each, but wave kite riders are still looking for 30,000 dollars for prize money, safety precautions and life boat, as well as media and video.

"If the funding goal to make both events happen can't be reached, the support will be used entirely for the final event on Maui, Hawaii", KSP underlines.

The crowdfunding plea can be reached via Indiegogo.

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