Leander Vyvey and Jesse Richman win 2008 KPWT Italy

July 7, 2008 | Kiteboarding
2008 KPWT Italy: exciting times for kiteboarding

The public from Colico will remember for a long time the Fiat Freestyle Kiteboard World Cup 2008. The weekend started quiet and smooth Sun, light wind rising up every hour and from noon onwards a great show began on the water.

We launched the Freestyle competition straight away. We started with the heat 14 of the women bracket with the Italian Alice Brunacci versus the Spanish Ainhoa Garcia.

Surprisingly Alice found her way through in front of Ainhoa, the 2007 KPWT Wave World Champion and reached the winner final. The Final against Ania Grzelinska from Poland was a different story.

The two riders performed amazing tricks and jumps but despite Alice's efforts, talent and power (S Bend, Backloop, Kite Loop, Krypt) the experience, the variety of her moves and the style of Ania made the difference (Rayley to blind Surface handle pass, Tiger loop, Backroll to wrapped with surface handle pass).

Back to the men! The results of this competition proved that there are new kids on the Tour ready to fight for the highest step of the podium and able to win the World Champion title.

What a cosmopolitan podium: Belgium, France, Poland. On the 3rd place, Victor Borsuk who just recovered from his injury did a real good job! Thomas Paris, 2nd, surprised everybody on the water: Front mobe, KGB, 313.

Unfortunately his landings were not as clean as Leander Vyvey who just flew on the water! Leander offered us a real fireworks of tricks: Slim chance, Slim chance switch, Double S bend 180, KGB, Back Mobe 7.

His variety and power brought him to the highest step of the podium! The course racing competition is still going on. We launched two more races today but as the Fiat Freestyle Kiteboard World Cup is not finished,  we have no result yet.


After having completed the Freestyle single elimination, we carried on with the Course Racing. The wind conditions enable us to complete two more races.

All riders were really happy to have more chances to improve their results and they really gave their best. The Hawaiian Jesse Richman was definitely the King of the Course Racing on this Fiat Freestyle Kiteboard World Cup 2008. He won 2 of them and finished 2nd on the first one.

Abel Lago managed to keep a place on the podium (2nd) and Olivier Dansin from France proved by winning the 3rd place that he really has the right profile for this discipline.

On the women's, no surprise. The top 3 already performed in the former events. Kristin Boese is really the Queen of this discipline followed closely by Ania Grzelinska and Kari Schibevaag.

Source: KPWT

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