Foil kiteboarding: tricky but fun | Photo: Slingshot

Feel the foil. Let's take a quick look at the art of foil boarding. Learn a few basic tips on how to master foil kiteboarding.

We all know that hydrofoil kiteboards can be dangerous, so an impact vest and a helmet are mandatory if you're new to the game.

First of all, take the board to the water and watch how it behaves differently from a twin tip or surfboard.

Get the same kite size you would use for a normal kiteboarding session so that you don't have to focus so much on the kite power and concentrate only on the foil.

Kite Foiling 101

Ready to hit the water? Let's go:

  1. If your kiteboard allows it, get the foil at the furthest, most backward setting on the box so that you develop muscle memory and shorten your learning curve;
  2. Ready to hit the water? Always carry the foil like a surfboard, as close to the foil mast as possible, and the foil on the upwind side of your body;
  3. Walk to deep water while trying to prevent the foil from hitting the bottom;
  4. When body-dragging, hold on to the front foot strap with your leeward hand. Once you've reached deep water, be sure to be conscious of the foil's position and get yourself on the upwind side of the board;
  5. Set your foot straps loose, as this will help you to eject totally from the board when you wipe out;
  6. Are you in deep water? Let's water start. Grab your front foot strap with your back hand, pulling towards your body while pushing down with your elbow and pointing the foil towards the surface of the water - this will get the foil in the prime starting position;
  7. Once on rail, begin the water start. You'll experience a whole new sensation, even with the foil moved backward, i.e., in beginner mode;
  8. Foil kiteboarding requires additional front foot pressure compared to the classic ways of riding a kite, so make sure you step on the gas pedal;

If you feel you're ready to foil in advanced mode, move the wing an inch forward on the track. You'll feel more lift in the water and constant ups and downs of the board.

As you get used to it, your body will automatically make the necessary weight adjustments to get the foil gliding perfectly over the water.

Learn how to maintain your foil.

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