Lennart Schulenburg is "Gone With The Wind"

January 5, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Lennart Schulenburg: he spent eight months kiteboarding

Lennart Schulenburg has transformed eight months of travelling into "Gone With The Wind", a 13-minute short film.

The German kiteboarder, born in the Baltic Sea town of Lübeck, rode the best winds and waters of Cumbuco (Peru), Jericoacoara (Brazil), Bolivia, South Africa and Australia.

"When I was a little kid, I always dreamt of exploring the world. Travelling to places far away, seeing bizarre nature, and practicing the sport I love. After university I had a choice: start my career or go abroad and see the world," explains Lennart Schulenburg.

"The question is: what did I learn? How is it like being abroad? It is amazingly different and so similar at the same time. Wherever I've been, I felt welcome. Every place has its own charm."

Discover how Schulenburg took the most out of his eight-month adventure in "Gone With The Wind", a movie that will make you want to book the next flight to world's best kiting spots.

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