Lennart van Schuilenburg wins the Dutch Kitelandboarding Championships

September 30, 2010 | Kiteboarding

Dutch Kitelandboarding Championships: who's higher?

During the weekend of 25 and 26th of September the Dutch Kitelandboarding Championships in Style took place on the beaches of Ijmuiderslag in the Netherlands.

The event was blessed with 20-30 knot winds and rain showers on Saturday, creating demanding conditions for the competitors but giving the crowd a real show. Flysurfer, MBS and Flyboards team rider Lennart van Schuilenburg took the Style title home with him!

With 22 competitors from 4 countries, the event had a great level of riding from all competitors entering the competition. The challenging conditions asked concentration from the competitors, Flysurfer, MBS and Flyboards team rider Yusca Balogh strained his ankle when a sudden gust hit him, we wish him a speedy and good recovery!

With a great 3rd place for Flysurfer, MBS and Flyboards team rider Jelmer van der Kist he showed his steady progression over the season. Lennart van Schuilenburg was obviously extremely happy with the win in the Style discipline, Lennart, who is still struggling with a wrist injury from snowboarding last winter is slowly getting back into his old form. This win surely motivated him to keep training and improving.

We want to congratulate all riders for their great results!

Results of the 2010 Dutch Open Kitelandboarding Style:

1.Lennart van Schuilenburg (FLYSURFER, MBS)
2.Daniel Smith (Peter Lynn)
3.Jelmer van der Kist (FLYSURFER, MBS)
4.Rene Smits (Ozone)

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