Leroy and Bowe crowned at the 2012 Miami Kiteboarding Masters

April 19, 2012 | Kiteboarding
2012 Miami Kite Masters: crowded? where?

Damien LeRoy and Brandon Bowe have conquered the Racing and Freestyle divisions of the 2012 Miami Kiteboarding Masters. The competition was held under blue skies and great breeze.

In fact, the 15-to-20 knots of wind on offer provided the best conditions for a two-lap figure eight course made for the racing event. Damien LeRoy was pushing the Men's fleet with great speed and consistency.

A big surprise was Matt Collins, wave rider extraordinaire, giving Damien a run for his money despite having spent little time on race board. On the women's side Annabel Van Westerop must have put her time in, as she was smoking the Women's fleet and beating most of the men as well.

In the Freestyle, local boy wonder Johnny Berger came out firing. With 313’s and low mobes, he landed tricks he had never done before. Matt Collins and Damien held nothing back as they both climbed the ladder board.

There was no question Brandon Bowe was on a mission with incredible power and style, earning him his new nickname "The Bull". He was definitely looking like the guy to beat. On the women's side it was a battle between Alexandra Menk and Annabel.

Very clean riding from both as they started to take down their competitors. "Tinkerbell" was definitely riding very strong, stomping tricks like back to Blinds, Blind Gudge’s and huge kite loops. She stole the show all the way to the final and walked away with the win.

The Men's final was a must see battle between Matt Collins, Damien LeRoy, Brandon Bowe and Leif Gibons. As the horn blew for the start riders were maxed out and the show started with massive jumps and supper powered handle passes.

The crowd was fired up as everyone was going off, crashing like no other and pushing each other. "The Bull" was on a mission and never stopped till the last second of the heat.

Men Racing

1. Damien LeRoy
2. Matt Collins
3. Gary Menk

Women Racing

1. Annabel Van Westerop
2. Alexandra Menk
3. Jeanice Stone

Men Freestyle

1. Brandon Bowe
2. Damien LeRoy
3. Leif Gibons
4. Matt Collins

Women Freestyle

1. Annabel Van Westerop
2. Alexandra Menk
3. Jeanice Stone

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