Lewis Crathern signs with Best Kiteboarding

November 14, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Lewis Crathern: he loves piers

Lewis Crathern has joined the Best Kiteboarding roster team. The kiteboarder known for the dangerous kite jumps over British piers will compete in European events.

The man that touched the sky is back in the spotlight. Lewis Crathern is the 2012 RedBull Len10 Megaloop winner and a four-time UK national kiteboarding champion.

In his career, he jumped over the Bright and Worthing piers. When Lewis isn't riding, he runs an outreach program introducing school age children to environmental concepts and the excitement and health benefits of being actively involved in outdoor pursuits.

"He's one of the most extreme and exciting riders on the planet and he's a perfect match for our GP C-kite and Profanity wakestyle board", reveals Lia Feriancek, team manager at Best Kiteboarding.

Lewis Crathern is looking forward to test his skills in new gear. "With the Profanity I have no need for a separate wakeboard, I just need to take delivery of my new Ronix boots and I'm ready", says the British rider.

"To start with I would like to defend my title at the RedBull Len10 Megaloop event in Cape Town and when I come back I'll look to enter some European events too".

"I'll be in Cape Town for the off season. It has become like a second home to me and is the perfect place to train. I feel it's nearly time for a new personal challenge too".

Is Lewis Crather preparing another kite jump over a British pier or will he go for different stunts?

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