Lewis Crathern wins 2012 LEN10 Megaloop Challenge

February 18, 2012 | Kiteboarding
LEN10 Megaloop Challenge: the next airline company

Lewis Crathern is the grand winner of the first ever LEN10 Megaloop Challenge, held in Cape Town, South Africa. The kiteboarder who became famous for jumping the Worthing Pier and the Brighton Pier defeated Sam Light, from the UK, and Giani Aragno, from Spain.

Fortunately, the wind conditions were great and kites were flying high. The new competition format developed by Ruben Lenten proved to be a success. Crather, the stuntman of kiteboarding, was happy to take the trophy.

"I was just stoked to have been in the final with two of my best friends. A megaloop isn't the easiest trick because you have to try and get height while trying to get your kite as horizontal as possible", explains Crathern.

"I've been coming to Cape Town to kiteboard for the last six years and I love it here. The people are friendly and the weather and wind conditions are perfect here," he added.

Twenty four kiteboarders were invited to do the LEN10 Megaloop Challenge. Ruben Lenten, the King of the Megaloop from the Netherlands, was clearly happy with his new kite creation.

"All the riders and spectators were excited about the format which gives the guys time to pull their best moves and score high. I'm happy that such a big crowd came down to see the guys pull some gnarly tricks and see some pretty epic wipeouts too - which is just as much part of kiteboarding as landing the trick", says Lenten.

The rules of the LEN10 Megaloop Challenge are quite simple. Participants are scored on the height, technique and the style in which they execute the megaloop with.

The contest winner, Lewis Crathern, and the other finalists had decided before they went out for the final to split the prize money - it wasn’t about the prize but rather spending a good day out doing what they love.

Next year, the format will return to defy the best aerial kiteboarders. Ruben Lenten is keen to bring the competition back even bigger in 2013 and throw himself into the mix. "We're going to push the limits of kiteboarding even more."