Light and Whitely win 2008 BKSA Hunstanton

July 9, 2008 | Kiteboarding
2008 BKSA Hunstanton: there was no shortage of action

Competitors from all over the UK descended on the Lifestyles Festival for 3 days of kitesurfing competition.

The Sun was out on the Friday with no wind - competitors amused themselves on the Skate Ramps many of whom having had a background in Skateboarding and BMX enjoying the sessions.

Saturday dawned with more competitors registering for the event taking the total to 43. The wind was up until the rain came in however after clearing the wind picked up to 25 knots allowing the event to get underway finishing at 6.30pm.

Saturday night saw some great bands playing on the seafront. Sunday dawned again windy but wet - competition started at 1pm. Competition was firece in all categories however the rain did not let up.

In the Pro’s division Ali Barrett from Lytham St Annes came up against Lewis Crathern – UK number one – who had a difficult last heat - breaking a board before his final - and Sam Light loving the lighter gusty winds put in 10 moves to win the Pro Divison.

In the Pro Ladies last years runner up Helen Thompson from the Island of Tiree had a bad start when she missed the start of the heat and toped it off by breaking a finger - needing a trip to hospital. Last years Amateur Ladies winner Hannah Whiteley took top houours ahead of Nicky Rudd in 2nd and Helen Thompson in 3rd

All the amateur men and ladies did particularly well in the difficult conditions with some outstanding riding from James Boulding who had many pros hoping he does move up fleets next year!

The Juniors had a great competition with 14 taking part - Jack Shoulder took top place again for the 2nd time this year.

In the Seniors Peter Whiteley with a strapped ankle who was not even to ride took top place with some big moves against speed racer Dave Williams and local John Matthews in third.

1 Jack Shoulder
2 Dan Sweeney
3 Sam Moore

1 Peter Whiteley ( Hang time , Crazyfly)
2 Dave Williams (Best )
3 John Matthews

Amateur Women
1 Josie Robinson
2 Holly Kennedy
3 Sheryl Confue

Amateur Men
1 James Boulding
2 Oli Sweeney
3 Richard Burton

Pro Women
1 Hannah Whiteley ( Hangtime, Crazy Fly )
2 Nicky Rudd ( Edge Watersports)
3 Helen Thompson ( North)

Pro Men
1 Sam Light ( Naish)
2 Lewis Crathern ( Slingshot / Jimmy Lewis)
3 Ali Barrett ( Lost Cause, Turbulence )

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