Long Bay Beach will host the 2010 KPWT Jamaica

August 14, 2009 | Kiteboarding

Long Bay will host the 2010 KPWT Jamaica

World famous Long Bay Surfing Beach in East Portland has been selected as the venue for the 2010 Jamaica Kiteboard World Cup. The event is one of the Kiteboarding Pro World Tour Circuit dates and will see the world’s top kiteboarders in action over a 10 day period during March 2010.

The event is being staged by Jamrock Tours with financial support from the Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP), a joint initiative of the European Union and the Government of Jamaica. 2010 Jamaica Kiteboard World Cup is expected to play a major role in legitimizing Long Bay as a first class destination for Kiteboard enthusiasts’ and help to reestablish East Portland as one of the island’s popular tourist destinations.

Since the 1960’s, Long Bay in Portland with its pristine white sand beach and crystal clear water has been a destination of choice for countless visitors seeking a Caribbean paradise getaway. In recent years however tourist arrivals have fallen off drastically. Boasting over a quarter of a million practitioners worldwide, a dose of kiteboarding may well be the medication needed to heal the parish’s ailing tourism industry.

Jamrock Tours holds a five year contract as local organizers of the event and anticipates major visitor arrivals to the parish as a result of the contest. Long Bay with its consistent swells and dependable trade wind is ideally suited for the fastest growing extreme sport of Kiteboarding.

As an official date on the world circuit the event will be closely followed by international media and receive full coverage throughout the Kiteboarding world.

“The Long Bay event will be one date on the 2010 Kiteboarding Pro World Tour Circuit and will provide vital points to participants in contention for the World Title” said Eugene Smith, Director, Jamrock Tours. “Jamaica is already a brand name tourist destination, making this event one of the highlights of the tour and will establish Long Bay Beach as a legitimate Kiteboarding venue attracting repeat visitors for years to come.”

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean for scenery. Negril has changed a lot since the early 70’s when the first hippies “discovered” this small fishing town. It has become a tourist hotspot, offering crystal clear warm water, long beautiful beaches, friendly locals and the Caribbean all-year-round sun

The climate in Jamaica is almost perfect. Even during the rainy season in fall, the sun shines almost every day.

The event will be held in the magical area of Portland. Portland covers an area of 814 square kilometers, making it Jamaica's seventh largest parish. It is noted for its fine beaches, the famous blue lagoon, Blue Mountain and is believed to be in a crater formed, by an extinct volcano.

The wind is usually light in the mornings and by late morning early afternoon the wind builds and blows side to on-shore averaging 15-25 knots into the night.

Jamrock Tours Ltd is a local tourism company. They have put together a well-organized tour program, where you can learn about Jamaica, while enjoying the different aspects of this beautiful island. They offer hotel packages, Airport transfers etc.

The event will boast 40 000 euros prize money over 9 days of competition. Prize money will be distributed between 4 disciplines: Kiteloop, Freestyle and Wave Masters, Special Slalom.

This event is set to encourage over 50 international kiters, raring to experience and promote the area for further competitions. This is going to be an event to remember and the excitement is building to Jamaica 2010.

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