Luca Marcis wins first stage of the Italian Kitesurfing Championships

April 28, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Luca Marcis: the Italian kite bullet

Luca Marcis was the best kiteboarder at the Italian Kitesurfing Championships, held in Ancona, in central Italy. The Italian rider has dominated the first course racing event, in light to medium wind conditions.

Marcis took five victories out of six possible wins. In the end, the kiteboarder was clearly stoked.

"I'm very happy of this victory, since I won the race title in Italy last year and for me was very important to demonstrate I make the right choice this year switching to RRD, so I want to thanks Roberto for the opportunity he gives me to join the RRD Family and Team".

"During the race I felt always fast, comfortable and in full control on my K-Race 65 and Addiction MKII. I had the best upwind performances and still a great speed on downwind course, so I can tell that the four short fins setup actually on our RRD K-Race 65 boards is the best you can have on a race board. I can't wait to attend the second event in Sardinia to double check the performance of my RRD racing quiver."

In the Ancona stage, Giovannelli Lorenzo took second place, Santoni Simone was third, Bevereino Andrea placed fourth and Klammer Ingo kept the fifth position. Luca Marcis has recently joined RRD National Team. The talented kiteboarder is currently based in Sardinia.

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