Lüderitz Speed Challenge aims for the 60-knot barrier

October 21, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Lüderitz Speed Challenge: speed is the only word available in Namibia

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge 2011 will be held in Namibia between 20th October and 17th November. The kitesurfing and windsurfing speed sailing event has already produced more than 40 world and national records, since 2007.

Sophie Routaboul and Sébastien Cattelan have been granted the authorization to dig a new channel away from the Second Lagoon shoreline, which has been used thus far, in order to make it possible to break the 60-knot barrier (over 500m).

This will be the new challenge - 115km/h under sail. Last year, the famous hydrofoil boat “L’Hydroptère” held the Outright Record with 51.36 knots (95km/h over 500m), but was beaten during Lüderitz Speed Challenge by kitesurfers who established a new World Record in Speed Sailing with 55.65 knots (103km/h over 500m).

The organizers decide to officially test the newly built channel before taking on the responsibility of organizing a fully-fledged event. A full scale event is planned for 2012 where numerous international competitors will be invited.

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge also combines an environmental aspect together with the efficiency of wind power, and the human, tourism and commercial aspects, while bringing to the front stage an African country: Namibia.

This is where kitesurfing (while still in its infancy), has been propelled into the headlines as being the world’s fastest craft on water.

Will this incredible and daring feat allow them to beckon in the dawn of a new playground for the windsurfing community and give them access to the exclusive 50+ knot club?

The results speak for themselves: over the past four years everything possible has been done to increase the potential of this unbelievable site, which has made the constant climb of speed sailing records possible.