Maciej Zimowski prepares for the longest kitesurfing journey

June 25, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Maciej Zimowski: sharing the stoke

Maciej Zimowski, a Polish kiteboarder living in Egypt, is preparing to the kitesurfing challenge of his life. The wind rider wants to break the Guinness World Record for the longest kitesurfing journey.

Zimowski will have to sail more than 369.7 kilometres (229.73 miles) to establish a new level. The record attempt will kick off in El Gouna and the goal is to reach Marsa Alam.

"I decided that I want to face the elements and mine own strength, to break Guinness World record in kitesurfing. I'm going to beat it by kiting alongside the coastal zone of Red Sea", says Maciej.

The Polish waterman was a longtime windsurfer, but he switched to kitesurfing in 2000 and kept improving his skills and experience ever since.

Now, Maciej Zimowski will start out at the Peninsula of Suez Gulf - near Adabiya Port - to arrive at the El Quasir Kalawy Imperial Hotel after a few hours of wind riding.