Macquarie Sailing Team reaches 51 knots but Alex Caizergues secures record

January 8, 2009 | Kiteboarding

Macquarie Speed Sailing Team

SeaSailSurf reports that MI has scored a 48.5 knots run on the last day of its 56 day record attempt period.

In only 17 knot winds, their Lindsay Cunningham designed craft, Macquarie Innovation, was timed over the 500m qualifying course at 48.57 knots and recorded speeds in excess of 51 knots during the 20 second run.

It is expected that the final ratified speed will be reduced to 48.15 knots due to tidal influences experienced on the course.

On the final day of their allotted 56 day record attempt period, the Macquarie Speed Sailing Team was presented with the first real opportunity to tackle the type of conditions in which their boat was designed to perform.

The 17 knot wind was some five knots less than the team had hoped to be able to operate in, but was enough to power the extraordinary craft down the course in record breaking time.

Macquarie Innovation is designed and constructed in Melbourne and is an all Australian venture.

The 15 person team were located at Sandy Point, near Victoria’s Wilson’s Promontory, where the best natural venue for speed sailing in the world is situated in a sheltered coastal lagoon.

This performance represents not only the fastest speed ever recorded by a sailing boat, but also the most efficient use of wind energy by any craft competing for the World Sailing Speed Record.

Capable of sustaining speeds in excess of three times that of the wind powering it, Macquarie Innovation showcases an Australian project that is leading the world in sail powered performance, efficiency and design technology.

This incredible effort further reinforces the confidence that when the team receives their desired 20 knot winds, the goal of being the first sailing boat to sustain 50 knots over the 500m course should be realised.

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