Make kites fit into small travel bags

September 2, 2011 | Kiteboarding
X3: from big to small

Kiteboarding and traveling have always been a combined problem.

The airline companies are reducing the chances of paying a fair price for a plane ticket if you're a water sports fan or athlete.

Quite often, your gear is paying more than the traveler.

If you're traveling by car with a couple of kiteboarding friends, then space is a limited resource.

Bags, boards, and beer take more than half of the rear car luggage.

Modern Fuel has had a great idea.

Their development team managed to create the "X3" specially designed for kitesurfing and snowkiting using a vac adaptor that can be used with your existing kite pump.

The goal is simple: easily reduce the size of up to three kites to take on your travels without the need for a vacuum.

The "X3" kit offers extra strong and durable compression bags to make kites up to 16m2 fit into travel bags and provide extra protection from damage, dust, dirt, and moisture.

Moreover, clothing can also be placed into the kite compression bags, saving more space.

If you go on two trips a year and look after them according to the care instructions, the bags will last approximately three to four years.