Man rides four kites in Lapland

February 21, 2017 | Kiteboarding
Kepu Alila: the man who rode four kites in Lapland

His name his Kepu Alila, and he has done something completely different out of the box.

Riding a kite is not as easy as it seems. When the wind plays tricks on you, you can get into trouble. Especially if you're overpowered, and not particularly experienced.

Alila, a Scandinavian snow kiteboarder, decided to connect four kites and ride them in the windy and snowy region of Lapland, in Finland.

After inflating the four different-sized kites, and carefully checking the lines, Kepu Alila and his friends attached the wings to each other and launched them into the sky.

The apparent risky experience ended up being a pleasant journey that will certainly inspire other athletes, both in snow and in the water.

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