Marc Jacobs takes the freestyle laurels in Morocco

March 23, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Marc Jacobs: watch the cliff

Marc Jacobs and Gisela Pulido have claimed the Freestyle competition at the PKRA Dakhla Kiteboard World Cup 2014, in Morocco.

In strong winds reaching more than 30 knots, the double elimination kicked off with riders using six and seven-meter kites.

Holding off Alex Neto in his first heat of the day, Jacobs moved on to defeat Christophe Tack in the final. Although Tack landed a solid S-Mobe and Crow Mobe 5 amongst others, he was one trick shy of the five tricks upon which the overall score is calculated.

Jacobs landed more tricks, including a textbook Front Blind Mobe and a Blind Judge 5, which gave him the win.

Tack's first place win in the singles meant that he needed to be beaten twice to be knocked off the top spot. In a masterful display of powerful freestyle kiteboarding, Jacobs did just that, beating out Tack and winning the super final by 4.07 points.

The women's ladder was equally impressive. Gisela Pulido maintained her position by beating out Bruna Kajiya. Finishing fourth in yesterday's single, Kajiya worked her way up to take out Anabel Van Westrop and Karolina Winkowska.

Despite solid riding in her earlier heats, Katjya struggled in the strong wind of the final, to lose to Pulido's impressive high scoring Hinterberger Mobe and Slim Chance.

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