Mário Pereira wins the KiteCross Festival Seixal

September 11, 2012 | Kiteboarding
KiteCross Festival Seixal: plenty of water for kiteboarders

Mário Pereira and Lisa Videira have conquered the first edition of the KiteCross Festival Seixal, in Ponta dos Corvos, Portugal.

With 15-to-20 knots of wind, the four-man heat races were intense with the beautiful city of Lisbon on the background. The kiteboarding event was a major success.

Competitors had to round several water obstacles and speed up to the finish line, as quickly as possible. After 14 heats, the fastest kiteboarders were finally crowned.

The experienced waterman Mário Pereira took first place ahead of Tiago Oliveira and Mário Saiote. In the Women's division, the Angolan rider Lisa Videira conquered the highest place in the podium.

The concept of the KiteCross Festival Seixal tries to embrace all levels of kiteboarding into an unique competitive format full of camaraderie and fun.

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