Mario Rodwald and Riccardo Leccese win the 2012 Kitesurf Tour Europe

November 5, 2012 | Kiteboarding
KTE Castelldefels: good Spanish winds

Mario Rodwald and Riccardo Leccese are the 2012 European Kiteboarding champions, after being crowned in the beach of Castelldefels, Spain.

Light and strong wind conditions marked four days of spectacular competitions, at Castelldefels. Ninety seven riders from 19 countries attended the last event of the 2012 Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe.

The first day of the event had amazing conditions for Freestyle kiteboarding, with sunny weather and winds blowing up to 20 knots.

Rodwald travelled to Spain as the leader of the rankings and was unstoppable. In the final of the single eliminations, he won against Spiessberger. Local rider Patrick Blanc took third podium place against Johnno Scholte, in the losers' final.

In the women division, dutch freestyler Annelous Lammerts won against Therese Taabbel, with powerful and clean moves. German rider Sabrina Lutz took third place in her heat against Kelly Schouten.

In the Course Racing division, Italian rider Riccardo Leccese arrived in Spain with the mission to win the Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe. Leccese won three out of four races and got first place.

Adam Koch took second and Maxime Nocher crossed the finish line in third. Second podium place in the overall rankings went to Nocher, followed by German Olympic hope Florian Gruber.

Steph Bridge was the fastest European female racer by winning all races in Spain, but it was Christine Bönniger who clinched the overall Mini Kitesurf Tour Europe 2012 in Course Racing, followed by Kathrin Borgwardt and Bridge.

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