Mario Rodwald wins 2012 KTE Podersdorf

May 7, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Kite Tour Europe: great riders, wonderful scenarios

Mario Rodwald and Chiara Espostio have conquered the first tour stop of the Mini KTE 2012, the European kiteboarding season, held in Podersdorf, Austria.

The contest was held under sunny temperatures, tropical feeling and windy conditions. There were 95 riders from 22 nations competing in Podersdorf. Part of the 119.000 Surfworld Cup visitors and exhibitors supported the professional kitesurfers with action and lust for life.

Freestyle competitions turned out to be exciting and showcased a big fight between nations. In the single and double eliminations, the two local friends Schitzhofer and Spiessberger were riding against each other, but Austrian power was not strong enough to beat the German star Mario Rodwald.

At the end of the final eliminations, Mario Rodwald and Chiara Espostio from Italy earned first place, with local star Stefan Spiessberger and Michalina Laskowska achieving second, Michael Schitzhofer and Barbara Stechauner, also local Austrian riders, in third.

In the Racing disciplines, the Colombian rider Riccardo Leccese won event. French racers Julien Kerneur and Maxime Nocher took second and third podium places.

In the Women's division, Alice Brunacci, from Italy, was riding really well throughout the whole competition. Christine Bönniger also raced fast and finished at an amazing second place.