Mario Rodwald wins the second stop of the German Kitesurf Trophy at Büsum

May 18, 2010 | Kiteboarding

German Kitesurf Trophy at Büsum: helmets are safe

The second tour stop of the German Kitesurf Trophy was held at Büsum this weekend.

More than 60 kitesurfers fought against the wind and waves in both freestyle and race competitions. Everyone enjoyed the great wind conditions with two light wind days at first and two strong wind days at the weekend where most competitors had to rig their smallest kites.

Büsum proved to be a great location for this event. Mario Rodwald won again in the men's freestyle competition and is on his way to win the German Championships for the fourth time in a row. Stefan Permien and Tim Kummerfeld came in on second and third place.

The women's freestyle competition was won by Anne Valvatne, leaving Sabrina Lutz on second place. The junior's freestyle competition was won by Nils Wesch. He showed a packing fight against Marian Hund and won in the double elimination.

There were also great conditions for the races. 32 year old Gunnar Biniasch dominated the field, winning ahead of Roy Rodwald and Armin Harich. Sabrina Lutz was the fastest women during the races, winning ahead of Heike Wycisk and Christine Bönniger. The junior's race was won by Florian Gruber, where he even managed to be faster than the best men's racers.

The next and final tour stop of the German Kitesurf Trophy will be held on the island Fehmarn from August 13th to 15th. We will meet you there!

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