Mauritius prepares the 2009 Kiteival

May 15, 2009 | Kiteboarding

2009 Kiteival will be held in Mauritius

The 2009 Kiteival will be held from 31st of July to 08th of August in different stages around Mauritius in one Event!

Kiteival’s Technical Director is Nico Kux (Sindbad Ltd) our National Kite Instructor, IKO and BKSA Certified. Nico has introduced kite surf in Mauritius and organized several kite surf events and festivals. He has also successfully participated in international kite surf events and competitions.

He is assisted by Albert d’Unienville of Naïade Events who has a solid experience in the organization of major international and local (sports) events in Mauritius. With the support of Naïade Resorts, one of the leading hotel groups in the Indian Ocean, who owns resorts hotels strategically situated all around Mauritius, Kiteival has the full potential to become a fantastic annual kite surf event.

Come and kite on some of the best spots in the world and discover the most beautiful lagoons of Mauritius with KITEIVAL!

Prior to each Competition there will be fantastic down winders across the most beautiful lagoons of Mauritius among the best spots in the world!
Event/Competition for riders who take the challenge will be on:

KITEIVAL Stages and Events – General description

Exact stages dates and planning of the week (Planning of Kiteival’s Week) will be fixed according to local coastal weather forecast and conditions. This planning will be communicated to all participants at time of briefing and final registration on the 31.07.09 at 18h30.

Riding conditions may vary on the different coasts according to anticyclone’s position which will influence wind direction and strength. Kiteival’s Organizing Committee wants to take full advantage of the weather conditions in order to offer perfect conditions to participants during the different stages.

Stage – full day: South east coast – Naïade Events crossing / Distance: 10 nautical miles - Challenge: Ile des Deux Cocos Trophy (Race - endurance)

Stage – full day: East coast – Palmar lagoon crossing / Distance: 5 nautical miles. Relaxed riding down this fairly short lagoon to meet up at public beach of Poste La Fayette. Tricks display by professionals and lunch break.
Challenge: Le Tropical Challenge Trophy; race around big triangle with drum markers, for all participants.

Stage – full day: South and South west coast – Tamassa to Les Pavillons crossing / Distance: 7 nautical miles of down winder through the beautiful lagoons of La Prairie and Le Morne Public Beach.
Challenge: Wave Contest at Le Morne / La Prairie – Tamassa Trophy

Stage – full day: East and North east coast – Roche Noires to Anse la Raie crossing / Distance: 11 nautical miles of down winder.
Challenge: Legends Freestyle Trophy

Extra Stage - full day: limited to a maximum of 10 participants and for experienced kite surfers only:
South East to North coast crossing / Endurance: distance 45 nautical miles from Ile des Deux Cocos up to Legends Hotel at Anse la Raie. This stage will depend of weather conditions.

Challenge: Arnaud de Rosnay Memorial Challenge
Entry fee supplement of Euros 150 will be charged for this stage and payment will be effected the day prior to the event.

It is also important to note that the Organizing Committee reserves the right, without notice, to re-format the event, change the dates and/or cancel stages according to weather conditions, for security reasons, or any other matters, arriving beyond its control.

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