Maxime Nocher and Wilson Veloso race to gold in Cagliari

May 19, 2014 | Kiteboarding
Maxime Nocher: checking his kite up in the sky

Maxime Nocher and Wilson Veloso have won the gold medals at the 2014 Formula Kite Youth & Master Worlds, in Cagliari, Italy.

You could feel the suspense in the air at Poetto Beach, as the world's top 10 riders in the Youth and Masters fleets prepared themselves for the four medal races which would decide the world champions.

With clouds, big waves and 20 knot winds, the task ahead was not easy for the 48 athletes. Everyone had to ride safe and manage risk.

In the Youth division, the air was alive with tension as the world's best youth sailors went head to head in the final showdown. Maxime Nocher, from France, had the advantage, sitting in first overall, five points ahead of Poland's Maks Zakowski.

Except for some unforeseen disaster, the gold and silver medals would be decided between these two riders. Maks attacked first, unleashing some awesome power to take the first race win.

Mak's win seemed to ignite Maxime's determination to claim gold, and he won the next three races back to back, scuppering any hope for Maks to stand on top of the podium.

Gold to Maxime, silver to Maks and third to Spain's Florian Trittel. The top girl was Russia's Elena Kalinina, who finished in 10th overall, and also claimed the Under 18 title. Axel Mazella from France secured the Boys Under 18 title.

In the Masters fleet, Tomek Janiak from Poland went into the day carrying a six point deficit to leading rider Wilson Veloso, from Brazil.

Tomek started strong, taking the first race win, following up with a second place and then two more wins. But with Wilson right behind him, finishing in second and claiming the other race win, Tomek's impressive scoreline just wasn't enough to get past the Brazilian.

So Wilson walked away with gold, Tomek silver, just four points behind, and securing the bronze medal was Spain's Pedro Garijo Velasco, who sailed a conservative four races to finish in 3rd, 5th, 3rd, 4th and claim bronze with an eight point margin. Stunning racing.

2014 Formula Kite Youth & Master Worlds Results:

Youth Under 21 Men
1. Maxime Nocher (France)
2. Maks Zakowski (Poland)
3. Florian Trittel (Spain)

Youth Under 18 Men
1. Axel Mazella (France)
2. Theo De Ramecourt (France)
3. Martin Dolenc (Croatia)

Youth Under 18 Women
1. Elena Kalinina (Russia)
2. Anastasia Akopova (Russia)

Masters Men
1. Wilson Veloso (Brazil)
2. Tomek Janiak (Poland)
3. Pedro Garijo Velasco (Spain)

Grand Masters
1. Adam Vance (Canada)
2. Enrico Tonon (Italy
3. Miguel Villar (Spain)

Masters Women
1. Astrid Berz (Switzerland)
2. Ariane Imbert (France)
3. Kathrin Borgwardt (Germany)

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