Maxime Nocher rides his foil to victory at La Ventana

March 24, 2016 | Kiteboarding
La Ventana: a great spot for kite foil boarding | Photo: Hydrofoil Pro Tour

Maxime Nocher has claimed the first event of the 2016 Hydrofoil Pro Tour.

The French rider dominated the competition at La Ventana, Mexico, with five bullets in the eight races. The last day saw several kiteboarders battling for the remaining podium places.

Kite foilboarding is still a relatively new discipline, and Hydrofoil Pro Tour is still adapting to new situations during races. For example, in the final silver race, the wind died at the very end.

Eight kites dropped in the water, and some competitors victoriously swam across the finish line to get a result on the leaderboard. Later, judges and competitors discussed and debated the rules that apply in this case.

However, the most celebrated accomplishment of the event was Elena Kalinina, who competed in the gold fleet. It was the first time a female rider has competed on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour.

The 2016 Hydrofoil Pro Tour season is planning four stops before crowning an overall champion. The final event will be held in Perth, Australia.

Hydrofoil Pro Tour 2016 La Ventana | Top 5

1. Maxime Nocher (FRA)
2. Riccardo Andrea Leccese (ITA)
3. Axel Mazella (FRA)
4. Nico Landauer (URU)
5. Oliver Bridge ( GBR)

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