Maxime Nocher sails to victory at the Kitesurf Cup Sylt 2013

July 8, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Maxime Nocher: Sylt is yours

Maxime Nocher has sailed faster than his opponents to win the Kitesurf Cup Sylt 2013, in Germany.

Around 110,000 visitors cheered for Europe's best kitesurfers, as the Kitesurf Tour Europe 2013 stops in Germany's capital of wave sports.

In the last race of the event, Nocher was able to prevail and thus secure the overall win against the leading rider Maks Zakowski.

Third place went to Olivier Dansin, while Florian Gruber had big problems with his Achilles tendon during the entire competition, but was still able to reach fourth place.

In the Women's competition, Aga Grzymska and Christine Bönniger had fantastic day. Time and again they were able to race in front of the leader Katja Roose, but in the end it was not enough to secure the top position.

The Freestyle division has not wind conditions to start, which means that Mario Rodwald and Sabrina Lutz lead the championship standings of the Kitesurf Tour Europe season.