Maxime Nocher storms first ever Kitefoil Race World Cup 2012

May 30, 2012 | Kiteboarding
Kitefoil Race World Cup 2012: keep that razor away from the body

Maxime Nocher has conquered the inaugural Kitefoil Race World Cup 2012, held at La Ciotat, in France. There were 51 kiteboarders competing in the exciting new division.

Some of the best riders in the world fought for the ultimate sensation of flying over the Mediterranean Sea. Eight foil board races were successfully concluded.

Tension was on during the entire races and all racers fought from start to finish for the best places in the rankings.

Foil kiteboarding has been possible even in light wind conditions. As races were completed, there were less kiteboarders fighting for gold. The last race had four competitors.

Nocher, who is only 17 years old, took the last four bullets, out of a possible six victories. Sophie Caillet is the best female foil rider and finished in 10th place, in the overall rankings.

Kitefoil Race World Cup 2012 | Results

1. Maxime Nocher
2. Herve Rousseau
3. Renaud Madier
4. Marc Blanc
5. Nicolas Caillou
6. Phil Morstad
7. Cyril Garbous
8. Jose William Rodriguez
9. Richard Kourennoy
10. Sophie Caillet

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