Foiling: who said you can't use an umbrella with a foil board | Photo: Dmitry Evseev

With the advent of wing surfing, everything seems to be changing in boardsports.

The equipment is evolving, the opportunities are around the corner, and the blend between traditional wave and wind sports is as creative and innovative as ever.

Dmitry Evseev runs Pryde Club Mauritius, a kitesurfing and surfing school located in La Gaulette and overlooking the Indian Ocean.

After witnessing the recent explosion of hand-held sails, Evseev decided to try something different.

"I spotted a rider on a foil board, and he was holding an inflatable wing. So, my first thought was: 'I wonder if an ordinary umbrella would work?'" Dmitry told IKSurf Magazine.

Without further ado, Evseev grabbed a red umbrella, picked up his favorite foil board and went... sailing. Or is it surfing?

To gain enough speed to ride away, the intrepid wind and wave rider hooked a wake rope to his harness and asked a kiteboarding friend for a hand with the water start.

As soon as both riders were cruising fast enough, Dmitry Evseev let go of the handle, opened the magical umbrella, and started gliding all by himself across the transparent waters of Mauritius.

Fifty-five years later after the release of her movie, Mary Poppins has a new apprentice. The magical English nanny must be proud of the multiple new uses of an umbrella.

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