Mitu Monteiro completes a 460-mile circumnavigation of Cape Verde

June 3, 2016 | Kiteboarding
Mitu Monteiro: he rode around the 12 islands of Cape Verde

Mitu Monteiro has completed a kite cross around the 12 volcanic islands of Cape Verde, in the Atlantic Ocean.

The 460-mile adventure (739 kilometers), which also included crossing the islands by foot, faced multiple obstacles: tiger sharks, great white sharks, sudden losses of wind, exhaustion, big waves, feet pain, seasickness, and coastal rocks.

The Atlantic archipelago is blessed by the trade winds and attracts thousands of kiteboarders and windsurfers from all over the world, every year. Cape Verde is 354 miles away from the closest land mass, and water is all around.

For the Cape Verdean Kite Crossing, Mitu Monteiro took his kite, a surfboard, some supplies, and a strong determination to complete the mission, and to connect all the Cape Verde Island by sea.

Oteniel Jorge Monteiro has lived in the archipelago his whole life, but he had never been to most of the islands. He is from Sal, Santa Maria, and he has been dedicating his kiteboarding career to wave riding.

"I need some challenges. So, at one point you arrive there, and you need something new. And for me, this is good because this is not my discipline. I don't know if I can make it or not," explains Mitu Monteiro.

Mitu Monteiro: he sailed strapless for 460 miles

The world record for strapless kiteboarding was set at 106 miles (170 kilometers) in six hours. But that was before the Atlantic explorer decided to do the longest leg first: 147 miles (237 kilometers) from Sal to Santo Antao.

A new record is set. And probably several other as well. Mitu is a strapless kitesurfing pioneer, and he is now the first solo sailor to complete the circumnavigation of Cape Verde.

"It was my dream. I feel I've done something for my country. I am happy about this, and I think everyone is happy."

Cape Verdean Kite Crossing 2016

Sal > Santo Antao: 147 miles (237 kilometers)
Santo Antão > São Vincente: 11 miles (17 kilometers)
São Vincente > Santa Luzia > São Nicolau: 36 miles (59 kilometers)
São Nicolau > Boavista: 104 miles (168 kilometers)
Boavista > Maio: 76 miles (123 kilometers)
Maio > Santiago: 21 miles (33 kilometers)
Santiago > Fogo: 43 miles (70 kilometers)
Fogo > Brava: 19 miles (30 kilometers)

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