"Mountains of Wind" is a dangerously exciting snowkiting documentary

December 6, 2016 | Kiteboarding
Mountains of Wind: a snowkiting documentary featuring the Jackson Hole Kiters

Snow kiteboarding is an underrated winter activity. It combines the classic characteristics of sailing and the winter elements of the mountain.

Instead of water, the alpine wind riders get snow below their feet. Well, not always.

The Jackson Hole Kiters (Charles Symons, Pascal Joubert, Wayne Phillips, and Will Taggart) are often spotted with nothing but air below their body.

Despite the sport's low profile, there have been a few attempts to push snowkiting into the mainstream world.

Kite brands are producing gear for the cold season, and the number of participants is beginning to grow.

"Mountains of Wind" is a short documentary by Will Taggart and Pascal Joubert. They've teamed up with Patagonia and Ozone to deliver an exciting portrait of the sport.

In the last decade, snowboarders and skiers - and even mountaineers - have been giving snowkiting a shot.

It makes total sense, especially because, harnessed by the power of the wind, they can reach new heights fast and safely.

"I love climbing with my kite everywhere I can with the wind and then pack my kite, start skiing and snowboarding. I really love it," says Pascal Joubert.

Pascal and Cedric Joubert are the pioneers of snow kiteboarding. They've influenced new generations and helped spread the message across the world.

"Most people don't think about kiting as flying - they think about it as sailing on the water. There's a lot of controversy in gliding - a lot of people think it's way too dangerous. Other people are completely addicted to it," adds Wayne Phillips.

In "Mountains of Wind," you'll watch some of the most dangerous stunts ever tried on the rocky and snowy slopes of Alaska.

And remember: get pumped, but don't get injured.

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