Nico Parlier: a near-perfect performance at Pointe d’Esny Beach | Photo: Bromwich

Nico Parlier has taken out the third stop on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour 2016 in Mauritius.

The paradise island located in the heart of the Indian Ocean attracted many top riders. Everyone was looking forward to testing and fine-tuning their equipment for the upcoming season, and Pointe d’Esny Beach was just the perfect venue.

On the last day of racing, the wind dropped and was always shifting. The currents and the shallow waters made the choice of kite size particularly challenging.

But Nico Parlier was just unstoppable. He won 16 of the 17 races and left Johnny Heineken and Oliver Bridge competing for the remaining podium spots. The Frenchman sailed the series all the way to the end, despite securing an early victory.

The only race he didn't win was the 13th. Just when he thought he had everything under control, Nico's kite became tangled with the top of a catamaran's mast.

"I sailed over to the VIP boat to say 'hi' to some people and get a drink of water in between races. All of the sudden I felt no tension on my lines and I looked up and... 'Oh no,'" explained Parlier.

The Hydrofoil Pro Tour 2016 ends in Perth (Rockingham), Australia. Nico Parlier has two wins, so he can still mathematically fight for the overall title.

Hydrofoil Pro Tour 2016 | Mauritius

1. Nico Parlier
2. Johnny Heineken
3. Oliver Bridge
4. Maxime Nocher
5. Axel Mazella

1. Daniela Moroz
2. Elena Kalinina
3. Alexia Fancelli
4. Gina Hewson

1. Oliver Bridge
2. Axel Mazella
3. Tiouan Galea
4. Jean De Falbaire
5. Theo Lhostis

1. Marvin Baumeister
2. Alex Caizergues
3. Benjamin Petit
4. Kari Eisenhut
5. Gina Hewson

Grand Master
1. Richard Bates
2. Jean-Pierre Valesa
3. Phillip Rowlands
4. Jan Patrick
5. Gael Vuillemin

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