Convertible Kite Racing: the new kiteboarding by NeilPryde

NeilPryde has announced the expansion of its one-design program into kite racing with the introduction of CR:X, the world's first one-design kite racing class.

The Convertible Kite Racing is an innovative, versatile kite racing platform that features a convertible board which may be switched between twin tip and foil modes.

Multiple modes mean that the same set of equipment can be used by beginners through to more advanced foil racers, and in a wide range of weather conditions.

NeilPryde's mission is to create a community of kite racing enthusiasts of all levels and abilities and enable them to race on a level and affordable playing field.

"We are very excited about this project. NeilPryde has a long heritage in racing and one-design classes, being the supplier to World Sailing and the Olympic Games with its RS:X windsurfing class and 49er and 29er sailing classes," notes Mike Raper, manager at NeilPryde One-Design Kites. 

"In November 2015, NeilPryde attended the annual World Sailing conference as one of the equipment suppliers."

"We presented a series of ideas for delivering solutions to World Sailing for the evolution of windsurfing and formats for including kiteboarding within the existing World Sailing events framework, including the Youth Olympic Games and the Olympic Games."

"As a result of the positive response to these ideas, we then developed both the CR:X one-design class and the RS:X Convertible windsurfer."

The CR:X has been officially approved by World Sailing as a recognized WS Class, subject to fulfilling regulation 10.2.1(d) at the mid-year meeting in May 2017.

The CR:X is easy to use, safe, and lightweight.

With a full set including three kites weighing in at 25kg, it's the world's first class that you can easily check in at an airport. This unique feature opens up opportunities for international competition.

Unlike ram air kites, the CR:X is able to boat launch or water relaunch from clubs and locations that have been restrictive until now.

The CR:X is the ultimate pathway and feeder class for World Sailing.

The CR:X features a three-strut kite that comes in three sizes, one control system, and the convertible kiteboard.

This all fits alongside an HP pump into a 145-centimeter airline-friendly travel bag.

The CR:X covers a wide wind range, from 5-30 knots, ensuring racing can happen in almost all conditions.

The class has been created to provide a pathway for aspiring athletes toward higher-performance racing.

The full CR:X pack consists of three kites (7 meters, 10 meters, and 13 meters), a 55-centimeter control system, a convertible board with fin and foil sets (including pads, straps, and handle), a pump, and a custom-made travel bag

The price ranges from $1099 to $5470.

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