New kite racing rules to be tested in competition

May 28, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding: new racing rules ahead

The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) has decided to test changes in the kite racing formats, during the upcoming major events.

The general idea is to have an event structure with three clearly separated stages: qualifying series, final series, medal series, in order to keep all sailors involved from the first till the last day of the regatta.

The governing body for kiteboarding wants to reward consistency and universality, as well as run the same course format throughout the regatta, with the length adopted to the current stage.

After analyzing the data from Sailing World Cup events and from our own kiteboarding fleet racing events, IKA and the American Kiteboarding Association (AKA) have been thinking of having one discard per event stage, a recommended number of four races per day and shorter courses on finals.

Also, the committee also supports the former gold fleet split into platinum, race win scores zero points instead of one point, position after qualifying series carried forward as initial two race scores of the final series and points after final series carried forward to the medal series.

Four kite events will see these tests: the North American Championship (St Francis Yacht Club, June 3-7, 2013), the South and Middle American Championship (Bonaire, June 11-15, 2013), the European Championship (Italy, July 23-28, 2013) and the 2013 IKA Kiteracing World Championship (China, November 18-24, 2013).

The new short track format, with reaching starts and run in heats of multiple elimination series, will continue to be tested at tour level events (KTE, etc.) and sailing world cups, and for the time being continue to count for the racing world rankings.

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