New kiteboarding rules in the Columbia River

May 30, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Kiteboarding in the Columbia River: read the rules and enjoy the wind

Temporary kiteboard landing and launching has been in the Columbia River has been allowed by the Port of Hood River authorities, after this spring’s unusually high water in the spot. Changes expire June 10th for event site and June 30th for the Marina.

The Columbia Gorge Kiteboarding Association (CGKA) and the Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association (CGWA) were part of the negotiation process.

The agreement says "kiteboard activities shall cease on any portion of the Marina Swim Beach where users engaged in other activities (picnicking, swimming, etc.) are present.

The use of trainer kites is not allowed. The allowed kiteboard activities are provisional and may be suspended temporarily or revoked at any time at the direction of the Port Commission or Executive Director."

All kiteboarders and windsurfers are encouraged to show maximum cooperation during the time period that additional kiteboard activities are allowed and should understand that public safety comes first.

Pepi Gerald, president of the CGKA, and Steve Gates, president of the CGWA were happy with the final statement and consider it to be a right step into the protection of both sports and the local economy.

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