New kiteboarding season launches in the desert sands of Morocco

March 18, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Youri Zoon: making his blood run in Dakhla

The 2013 PKRA World Tour kicks off in Dakhla, Morocco. The best freestyle, course, wave and slalom kiteboarders are ready for wind action.

The new kiteboarding season is up for grabs. The PKRA Morocco opens the kite circus at the perfect right-hand point break of Dakhla, a narrow peninsula of the African Atlantic coast.

The final event of the 2012 season was one of the most exciting in heats in the history of the PKRA. Youri Zoon and Alex Pastor battled for the world title until the last heat, and Karolina Winkowska upset Gisela Pulido and Bruna Kajiya to claim her first world title.

We also saw some innovating moves from Alberto Rondina, with some technical toe side handle passes. Up and coming riders like Christophe Tack, Eudazio Da Silva and Stefan Spiessberger can also start making waves in the rankings. 

The PKRA format rewards riders for innovation in riding and we are looking forward to seeing some new tricks or variation of tricks, in 2013. Year 2013 will bring back wave riding on the PKRA and the chance for the riders to claim 10,000$ in prize money and the Dakhla trophy.

The wave is a perfect right hand point break with the wind in a side, side-off direction, making it perfect to execute the latest moves in wave kitesurfing and powered turns.

The new freestyle judging format will give riders more opportunities to score points with their favorite tricks and keep pushing the level of kitesurfing. The new software will allow everyone to follow the scores live on the internet and gives riders valuable feedback on their performance.

Dakhla is one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the world, with a combination of wind, flat water, waves, amazing desert scenery and a very hospitable culture. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.