Nick Jacobsen draws colored smoke lines in the skies of Hayling Island

June 25, 2018 | Kiteboarding
Nick Jacobsen: red is the color of Denmark

Nick Jacobsen is not a fan of competition. Instead, he prefers to inspire people through life-threatening, one-off projects.

This time, he joined the Kitesurfing Armada for a side-off event that involved colored smoke, similar to what the military uses for signaling landing or target zones.

Twenty-four hours after watching David Hastilow, and friends performing a kite formation display that included red, white and blue smoke, the Danish kiteboarder decided to do the same... towed by a boat.

In December 2012, Jacobsen broke the kite tow-up world record after flying his kite 277 meters (908.8 feet) up in the sky with the help of Volvo Ocean Race's Team Brunel yacht.

This time, Nick Jacobsen reached for the sky, leaving a colored trail behind, and then let go of the rope. Because the wind was too light, he started falling slowly until hitting the water.

"I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see anything, and when I came down it was still flaring. Then, I went underneath the water and... nothing happened!" explained the daredevil.

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