Nick Jacobsen: the Danish daredevil is back with creative moves

Jumping near high bridges, flying over seawalls and concrete inland structures. It's just another day in the office for Nick Jacobsen.

Kitesurfing's most famous daredevil is back in the water.

Nick Jacobsen has returned to his beloved Denmark in full force after recovering from a few injuries and a long winter away from home.

Despite the low air and water temperatures that his country still experiences, the winner of the 2017 Red Bull King of the Air couldn't resist trying out a few innovative moves.

So, he gave "urban kiteboarding" a go.

What could possibly go wrong when you jump off terrace decks and bridges? Nothing at all, when your name is Nick Jacobsen.

The Danish kiter's stunts in Copenhagen were immediately a hit among the kiting community.

Named "the only interesting dude in kitesurfing," Jacobsen was challenged to "try mega loops landing blind."

"I have thought about it, but the timing has to be perfect. Otherwise, it might result in an unfortunate situation," replied the creative kiteboarder.

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