Nick Jacobsen: jumping off a hotel roof in the Bahamas

Nick Jacobsen has done it again. This time, he jumped off a hotel roof into a pool. Remember: what happens in the Bahamas, stays in the Bahamas.

The conditions for a freestyle kiteboarding session were perfect - flat and transparent waters, warm temperatures, and plenty of creative obstacles for the stuntman to overcome.

The tourists and clients of the hotel couldn't believe what they were seeing. A man was riding a kite on a freshwater pool. Who's this guy? Well, meet kiteboarding's ultimate daredevil.

"The sign said 'no diving in the pool,' but it didn't say 'no kiting off the roof and land in the pool," explained Jacobsen, who recently jumped off the Burj al-Arab in Dubai.

So, after completing a few runs and landing a few tricks in the hotel's pool, Nick went straight to the roof. Three, two, one - jump! The landing was nearly perfect, and Pete Cabrinha was stunned with the Danish.

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