Nick Jacobsen: jumping off Richard Branson's party island | Photos: John Dill/Virgin

Nick Jacobsen has kite jumped off the top of Necker Island's Great House, in the British Virgin Islands.

Richard Branson's Necker Island is a party house. But it is also the perfect spot for great stunts and records. And the Virgin boss has plenty of ideas for unattempted feats.

This time, Nick Jacobsen launched himself from 131 feet above sea level, from the roof of the Great House. He cleared more than 300 feet of land and travelled 500 feet to land upright in the water on his board.

"What an experience! As a keen kitesurfer myself, I was in awe - blown away by Nick’s courage and style. A huge cheer broke out as he hit the water and kited on across the blue BVI sea," revealed Richard Branson.

Jacobsen is not new to dangerous stunts. In 2011, the Danish kiteboarder jumped off the top of a shipwreck's crane in South Africa. Fortunately, everything went well on both occasions.

"That was fun, so what's next?" asked Jacobsen. Actually, Branson replied immediately suggesting Nick tries another jump on neighbouring Moskito Island.

However, the greatest kiteboarding leap of all time will take place when Nick Jacobsen jumps from the top of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, in Dubai. That's a 1000-foot drop into the abyss.

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