Nico Parlier and Daniela Moroz crowned 2017 Formula Kite European champions

August 24, 2017 | Kiteboarding
2017 Formula Kite European Championships: kites over Istanbul | Photo: IKA

The fasted foil kiteboarders of the Old Continent raced for titles in Istanbul, Turkey. Despite the challenging wind and weather conditions, the organization was able to run five qualifying races and nine series races.

The event kicked off with the Bosphorus Race, a 41-kilometer race that starts in Tirmata Beach and finished in the heart of Istanbul, in front of the Ortaköy Mosque. The winner was Axel Mazella; Parlier concluded runner-up.

The duo continued the tight battles in the Black Sea under sunny and stormy skies. There were big waves and turbulent seas throughout the whole competition, but the race committee was able to get the most out of the rare contestable opportunities.

The Formula Kite European champion was eventually crowned on the final day. Parlier and Mazella changed the lead several times, but it was Nico who raised the most coveted trophy in the end.

"It was a great ride to the first spot of the podium. Congratulations to Axel Mazella, my hero, for his performance and the beautiful battle he gave me," said Nicolas Parlier.

In the women's fleet, reigning world champion Daniela Moroz stormed the competition from day one. She won the Bosphorus Race and, from then on, every single race except one DNF.

"I had a pretty interesting week. I'm really excited to bring home first place! Congrats to the rest of the ladies. Now, it's time to head back home and start my Junior year on. It's been a pretty amazing summer!" concluded Moroz.

2017 Formula Kite European Championships | Top 5

1. Nicolas Parlier (FRA) - 13 pts
2. Axel Mazella (FRA) - 18 pts
3. Oliver Bridge (GBR) - 31 pts
4. Theo Lhostis (FRA) - 40 pts
5. Denis Taradin (RUS) - 43 pts

1. Daniela Moroz (USA) - 12 pts
2. Alexia Fancelli (FRA) - 29 pts
3. Elena Kalinina (RUS) - 34 pts
4. Anais Desjardins (FRA) - 40 pts
5. Bilge Ozturk (TUR) - 126 pts

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