Nicolas Parlier claims the Défi Kite 2015

May 12, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Défi Kite 2015: 228 riders in Gruissan | Photo: Biancotto

Nicolas Parlier and Alexia Fancelli have conquered the Défi Kite 2015, in Gruissan, France.

A total of 228 kiteboarders competed in three races and 80 kilometers, in 20-to-30 knots of Tramontane wind. Foil riders proved to be unbeatable in these circumstances.

Parlier, who won the inaugural Défi Kite 2013, has once again written his name in the history of the event. In the Women's division, Alexia Fancelli raced to victory with a very solid performance amongst 26 riders.

"My first Défi Kite is done. And it was huge. It was also intense and violent but, above all, it was memorable. Congratulations and thank you to Ariane Imbert, who made three rounds in Twin Tip," expressed Fancelli.

A final word for the large number of amateur kiteboarders that were able to complete the Défi Kite 2015, despite the challenging winds blowing in Gruissan.

Défi Kite 2015 | Top 5

1. Nicolas Parlier
2. Axel Mazella
3. Maxime Nocher
4. Benjamin Petit
5. Martin Turbil

1. Alexia Fancelli
2. Marie Desandre Navarre
3. Ariane Imbert
4. Elsa Bories
5. Marie Gautron

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