No logos or sponsorship deals in the Irish Kitesurfing Project

November 23, 2015 | Kiteboarding
Irish Kitesurfing Project: going big in Ireland

Pure and raw, with no logos or sponsorship deals. The Irish Kitesurfing Project (IKP) aims to raise awareness of the spectacular sailing conditions Ireland has to offer and to promote the finest riders in the country.

The IKP will release a series of short video clips, in which the kitesurfing stars are Irish athletes performing in a wide variety of weather conditions. The first video shows winter is coming in the land of Guinness and harps.

"This is a project initiated by a group of local kitesurfers scattered around Ireland. Along with kitesurfing, some of this group have very creative skills, from music to video to photography," the Irish Kitesurfing Project explains.

"When this creativeness is brought together some amazing videos can be pulled together. And it's not all about kitesurfing either. The videos also capture the magnificence, beauty and power of Irelands coast."

Robert Sayer, Wojciech Piotrowski, and Alan Kavanagh are the first riders to be introduced. They challenge high winds, grey skies and cold water temperatures in spectacular fashion.