Nocher and Parlier triumph in the Marseille Kite Race 2013

May 6, 2013 | Kiteboarding
Marseille Kite Race: crowded regatta field

Maxime Nocher has won the Championnat de France de Kite Race, held during five days of competition, in Marseille, France.

Riders had all types of winds, from the warm Southwest to the cold Mistral. Nine races have been launched and up to 50 kiteboarders have sailed for the higher podium places.

There were pretty impressive performances from some athletes. Nicolas Parlier was imperial in the Foil division, throughout the five days of racing.

Parlier stole the show with major skills, cold blood, technical, tactical and physical experience. Sophie Caillet won all races, in the Senior Foil Women category.

In the Kite Race division, Maxime Nocher and Olivier Dansin were clearly the strongest riders, but Nocher ended up winning six out of eight possible races.

Caroline Adrien made a winning return to competition, after taking a break from professional competition. She used her experience to hold-off attacks Ariane Imbert.


Senior Race Men
1. Maxime Nocher
2. Olivier Dansin
3. Charles Deleau

Senior Race Women
1. Caroline Adrien
2. Ariane Imbert
3. Caroline Delquié

Senior Foil Men
1. Nicolas Parlier
2. Julien Kerneur
3. Caillou

Senior Foil Women
1. Sophie Caillet
2. Delphine Scotez
3. Mireille Cler