North American Speed Sailing Invitational spies world records

October 11, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Alex Caizergues: looking forward to beat Douglas

The world's fastest sailors will gather and battle for the North American Speed Sailing Invitational 2011, to be held at Vineyard Haven, in USA.

Twelve male kiteboarders and Charlotte Consorti have already been invited to join the speed event in Massachusetts. There are $27,000 at stake, which means the largest prize purse in the history of kitesurfing.

The North American Speed Sailing Invitational 2011 is scheduled to be competed between 17th-31st October. The fastest riders in the world will surely speed up to world records.

Rob Douglas, Alex Caizergues, Seb Selarno, Sylvain Hoceini, Charlotte Consorti, Morgan Douglas, Christophe Prin-Guenon, Jamie Douglas, Bill Lynch, Jerome Bila, Manu Taub and Patrice Menossi are in the riders list.

The North American Speed Sailing Project (NASSP) was founded in April of 2008 in order to build a team of American speed sailors that would compete on the world stage in any class of sail to bring speed sailing records and results back to American shores.

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