Norway holds most extreme snowkite race

January 13, 2011 | Kiteboarding
Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro: extreme and cold

The longest, hardest and most extreme snowkite race in the world will hit, Finnmark, in Northern Norway, between 6th-9th April.

The Varanger Arctic Kite Enduro is a 25 two-man teams' battle in the most difficult weather conditions, where the best physical strength and endurance, besides excellent kite experience and winter survival training is required.

The Vake 2011 will feature 50 contestants from Norway, Russia, America, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium, South Africa and Denmark.

The three-day event is a 200km distance race brought up by the Varanger Kite Club, the Norwegian Kite Association and the International Snowkite Association. Kiteboarders cross three stages from Berlevåg via Vadso to Vardo (Smelror).

The first legs start in the fishing village Berlevåg and ends high up in the mountains, 60km from the start.

During this leg, each team must cross or navigate around some huge canyons. The second stage will go from Stjernevann to Vadsø. Each team will have to pass 3 checkpoints where one is with 30 minutes mandatory rest.

This second leg goes from the mountains down to the Varanger Fjord. The leg is 70km long.

The last stage goes from Vadsø to Smelror (mainland Vardo). On this leg the teams will follow the Varanger Fjord out to the open Barents Sea. The leg 70km long.